We used to visit my husband's family every year when the kids were little. Tralee is nestled in at the base of the Dingle Peninsula, along the southwest coast of Ireland, and it's one the most beautiful places I've ever seen. One afternoon, we took a drive out to Dingle and stopped to take a... Continue Reading →


Half hour early ... I had an interview scheduled for 11:30 this morning, so I started doing my "homework" last night. Organizational background. A deep dive into their digital footprint. Notes on what I bring to the table ... it all adds up to a prepared candidate. Then the call came in at 11:00 am!... Continue Reading →


“Everything is not about you!!” My kids are watching a lot of movies during this pandemic-driven shutdown. Let’s face it - our pile of board games no longer entertains - Scrabble and Monopoly are relics of the past and I’ve always put my foot down regarding video games (NO!). So that leaves movies, and we... Continue Reading →


Tell us about a project you managed from start to finish ... one of the many questions posed during a job interview. There’s a reason we include volunteer work on our resumes. I've managed a great many projects over the years, but I’m most proud of my efforts on behalf of Democratic candidates through coalition-building... Continue Reading →


Last night’s new year’s eve celebration was a quiet one for our family. A simple dinner and some party snacks in the family room as we watched movies together. At midnight we raised a glass of sparkling cider - hugs all around. A Bummer Burning Many moons ago I went to and later worked at... Continue Reading →


Ask anyone ... 2020 has been a rough year. The shutdowns over the pandemic would be enough to knock anyone to their knees, but add to that personal loss, unemployment and economic anxiety, racial injustice, killer bees, violent protests and an election that gets dragged out by conspiracy theorists, and you'd think 2020 was set... Continue Reading →


With cooler weather comes a renewed focus on my job search. I did all I could to help get Democrats elected during the 2020 campaign (let's face it - this was the most important election of our lifetimes), and there were some family responsibilities that had to take center stage. Last winter, COVID19 put 30... Continue Reading →


One of my earliest memories is going door to door with my mom to collect signatures for a ballot initiative. I've been campaigning since I was a kid - visibility events, picket lines, clinic defenses, marches, phone banks, canvassing, clip-boarding, tabling, parades, outreach at community events and organizing volunteers - I've done it all. And... Continue Reading →


I’ve never really thought of myself as a risk taker, but as someone who made a tectonic shift in her career while raising two young kids, I guess the description fits.  For many years, I worked with some of the area’s larger law firms in their litigation, regulatory, and immigration practices. I was good at... Continue Reading →


Quick hit to remind everyone that the Democratic National Convention starts today and runs for the next four days. Today's speakers can be seen HERE from 9-11 (EST). The full Democratic National Convention schedule can be found on the D20 site HERE. Shout-out to my daughter's favorite musical, Hamilton.

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