Remote Work – the New Normal

The roads are empty and people are staying home (and rightly so) as COVID-19 spreads throughout our communities. I’ve already had several phone interviews with people working from home. They have to keep the trains running from remote locations. Everyone’s doing their part to try to keep this virus from spreading.

Working from home is nothing new to me – I’ve worked remotely for five of the past seven years. I have the tools, the discipline and the drive to hit the ground running no matter the issue and no matter the work. Communications, digital and/or online organizing – I’ve done it all. That’s the beauty of desk jobs. We can keep going. We have to.

In the meantime, all any job-seeker can do is keep plugging away – get as many fishing lines in the water as we can via the internet. Interview by phone or video and if you’re lucky enough to land that dream job, get to work at lightning speed from home. Follow the advice of professionals and our elected leaders – stay home and protect those we love – and strangers – by not spreading this virus.

Knowledge is power. I’ve found the following resources to be useful in sorting through the hype, fear and rumors when seeking the latest information on the COVID-19 virus:

Give a thought to the healthcare workers out there on the front lines. The retail workers who have to keep reporting to work at grocery stores and other essential businesses. We’re all in this together – try to limit contact to those in your immediate household. We’ll get through this if we all do our part to limit the spread. Stay safe out there!

PS, try to get outdoors for a walk and a bit of fresh air.

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