One of my earliest memories is going door to door with my mom to collect signatures for a ballot initiative. I’ve been campaigning since I was a kid – visibility events, picket lines, clinic defenses, marches, phone banks, canvassing, clip-boarding, tabling, parades, outreach at community events and organizing volunteers – I’ve done it all. And now my kids are picking up the baton and running with it.

Talking With Voters

So much is on the line this year. I’ve seen a lot of elections and campaigns but I think it’s safe to say that this election is the most important of our lifetime. So my teens and I spent a few hours calling voters in swing states today, and we’ll keep calling through the election. The Biden campaign makes it easy to jump on a phone bank and talk with people. As I tell Katie and Brendan, it all comes down to a conversation between a volunteer and a voter, one call at a time. Ask them what’s important to them and listen to their answer – see if you make a connection.

We talked with people in Georgia, Minnesota and my home state of Michigan today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Whether you have half an hour or several, every conversation matters. If you’d like to join us, go to

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