With cooler weather comes a renewed focus on my job search. I did all I could to help get Democrats elected during the 2020 campaign (let’s face it – this was the most important election of our lifetimes), and there were some family responsibilities that had to take center stage. Last winter, COVID19 put 30 to 40 million Americans out of work, and many struggling companies and nonprofits put their efforts to fill positions on hold. With fewer jobs, added competition and new priorities, my job search had to take a back seat.

Over six hundred thousand women dropped out of the job market in September alone. And while I don’t count myself among those who’ve given up entirely, like many parents I focused a lot of my energy on helping my family adjust to the new normal of COVID19. My teens were suddenly thrown into the world of remote learning. My daughter handled the transition well, but my son was a different story and he needed my help.

Straight A’s!

That meant getting used to the many changes in the way we did education here in Montgomery County, MD. It wasn’t a smooth transition for him, despite the hard work of our local teachers and administrators. He had some trouble adjusting, but with my help he was able to focus and improve his grades in classes that he’d struggled with. He finished last year on a good note and did really well in summer school.

Now Brendan is doing better than ever. He’s off to a strong start this Fall (he’s getting straight A’s!), and I’m able to devote more energy to my job search again, so look out!

We just have to keep digging. All it takes is one “yes!”

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