Ask anyone … 2020 has been a rough year. The shutdowns over the pandemic would be enough to knock anyone to their knees, but add to that personal loss, unemployment and economic anxiety, racial injustice, killer bees, violent protests and an election that gets dragged out by conspiracy theorists, and you’d think 2020 was set in some dystopian novel!

We’re Not Stuck at Home, We’re SAFE at Home!

We’re not driving down to spend time with my mom in South Carolina this year – I love her too much to risk bringing this deadly COVID-19 virus to her door. And I haven’t gotten hugs from my friends since this shutdown started in March. Hubby still has to go in to work but I’m only leaving the house for essentials. Yes, we’re sad about canceling family gatherings. And yes, we miss our family and friends. But this shutdown won’t ever end until we all play our part by staying home, masking up, keeping our distance and washing our hands – a LOT. If nothing changes, nothing changes right?

Winter Cheer

So I went out and got a 4 1/2 foot Christmas tree and we set it up on the end of the kitchen counter (maybe it was an act of bravado as in, “I won’t let this get me down!”). We got the decorations out of the attic. Going through that box of one-off trinkets was like a tonic. There’s nothing like a trip down memory lane to brighten our spirits – a reminder of long-ago holidays with people we love. It made me appreciate my husband and kids all the more, and I’m looking forward to enjoying those special times with extended family and friends again next year.

Now I’m looking up recipes, gathering ingredients and making plans for tasty treats this week … pies, pates, and dips – a nice dinner Christmas eve and another special dinner on Friday. The kids and I even made 6 dozen cookies yesterday! Katie’s exchanging gifts with her friends one at a time, and planning a zoom party for this evening. Brendan keeps saying how much he loves our home and how grateful he is. Hubby’s even more chipper.

It’s amazing what a little tree with decorations and lights can do to raise our spirits. I hope your holiday season is just as bright, and filled with love and gratitude. Happy New Year and stay safe!

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