“Everything is not about you!!

My kids are watching a lot of movies during this pandemic-driven shutdown. Let’s face it – our pile of board games no longer entertains – Scrabble and Monopoly are relics of the past and I’ve always put my foot down regarding video games (NO!). So that leaves movies, and we watch a lot of them evenings and weekends.

Lately they’ve been drawn to romantic comedies. My daughter loves Hugh Grant in Two Weeks Notice (I think her word for him is “adorkable”). But there’s a line in that film that always brings out the editor in me.

Okay, more like nails on a chalkboard to this longtime proofreader.

The scene – Sandra Bullock is talking with her recently married best friend on the front stoop in the wee hours of the morning. The concerned husband leans out of an upstairs window to ask if everything’s all right, and his wife snaps, “everything is not about you!”

As in, nothing is about you!

That line has bugged me for years.

/ted talk

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