Over the past few months, I've been following the developments around the COVID-19 pandemic closely. My husband has been going out to work every day during this crisis as an essential retail worker, and I'm eager to do whatever I can to help protect him and others. To that end, I've taken an online course... Continue Reading →

A Work in Progress

I always learn something with every job interview or screening exercise. (This website is the result of my need for a digital portfolio.) Whether it's answering questionnaires, gathering links to old websites or writing samples (thank you, Internet Archives!), or compiling a list of useful platforms, apps and programs, I've learned something new about myself... Continue Reading →


My husband brought home a nice surprise this afternoon. Believe it or not, hardware stores are considered essential, so he still has to go into work despite the new lockdown across Maryland. His store got some dried lavender in stock, so he bought a bunch for me. Something to lift our spirits and help us... Continue Reading →

In the Past Hour …

Zoom hangoutsSpike in online orders - even groceriesHazard pay for those still out workingFewer hellos from neighbors while out walkingMore time spent on social media3-D printing of ventilatorsSchool’s out through summerMore remote jobs than fixed These are all things I’ve either read about or seen in the last hour. The times they are a-changin’ to... Continue Reading →

Remote Work – the New Normal

The roads are empty and people are staying home (and rightly so) as COVID-19 spreads throughout our communities. I've already had several phone interviews with people working from home. They have to keep the trains running from remote locations. Everyone's doing their part to try to keep this virus from spreading. Working from home is... Continue Reading →

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

So we're obviously not at the pub with friends while our communities are ravaged by COVID-19 ... pity really as it's a huge day for my family and friends (the visiting and music more than the pints), and several friends own and operate Irish pubs and restaurants in the DC / MD / VA region.... Continue Reading →

A Deadly Virus

This is on everyone's mind lately - it's hard to avoid the worry and stress. I've been reminding hubby and the kids to wash their hands, avoid touching their face, and practice social distancing for a few weeks now. Even though it's not hitting us hard here in Maryland yet, it's only a matter of... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Testing Links

I recently launched this site, and I've already found a troubling link. This might seem minor, but if you're an organization with a public facing website or social channels, you need to consistently present your information in a way that works if someone's going to take the trouble to follow your links. A no-brainer, I... Continue Reading →

Silver Lining

No matter what's going on, I try to find that silver lining in any cloud. And although it can be challenging to find a purpose in each day when you're out of work, even that has a silver lining. I try to stay busy. From projects around the house to volunteering with political and community... Continue Reading →

Lobby Day in Annapolis

I joined the Montgomery County Women's Democratic Club for an exciting lobby day in Annapolis yesterday. Leslie Milano did a fantastic job of organizing us and she and her team provided us with all the info we needed to make our point on our bills, with bill descriptions and committee assignments. They also set up... Continue Reading →

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