I have over ten years experience promoting causes and candidates – both professionally and through my volunteer work.

  • Digital communications
  • Press and media outreach
  • Campaigns
  • Community outreach
  • Team building and management

Like millions of women, my job-search took a back seat during the COVID19 shutdown. My son had trouble adjusting to the new normal of remote learning. With my help, he was able to focus and get his grades up in classes he found challenging. He’s getting straight A’s this year, and now that he’s doing better, I’m able to jump back into the search.

I’m not afraid of long hours – I worked 7 days a week for 2 years, and was logging over 90 hours a week by October, 2018! Take a look at my resume – let’s discuss how I might help your organization!


I’ve been building, testing, launching, redesigning and managing websites for over ten years. These are just a few of the sites I’ve worked on – some links courtesy of the Internet Archives (a/k/a the Wayback Machine).


I’ve done a lot of writing over the years (blogs, online forums, social media, issues pages, landing pages, talking points, op-eds, LTEs, and email blast-outs). My own writing style is down-to-earth, but I’m able to fit a written piece to any style. If you like what you see here, please get in touch!


I’ve been taking pictures since … well let’s just say I got serious about it in college. I also like to live-stream events via Facebook Live and Periscope for friends who can’t attend. As they say, if it’s not captured in photos or on video and shared on social media, it never happened.

Always on a tight budget whether it’s in a work setting or as a volunteer, I’ve found a couple free video editors that have proven useful. And I love to play around with Photoshop and Canva.


I’ve worked with over 40 apps over the years – many were self-taught and I had fun figuring them out and adding them to my toolbox.


For a more complete description of my work, please visit my LinkedIn page.

And lastly, a local political influencer (Adam Pagnucco) posted a 2018 round-up of the crazy election cycle here in Montgomery County in Bethesda Beat. I had the honor of being singled out as one of the most effective campaign surrogates in a year that saw nearly 300 candidates on our county-wide ballot.

Great campaign surrogates are more valuable than gold and no one is more golden than these ladies.  They’re smarter than you.  They’re tougher than you.  They will outwork you.  And they are fiercely protective of those who are lucky enough to earn their loyalty.  (My backside still aches from their boot heels!)  If these four women ever join forces behind a single candidate – watch out! – that election is as good as over.

Adam Pagnucco, Bethesda Beat, 2018

(For the record, I’ve never kicked anyone with my boot heels!)

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