What Others Are Saying

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing people in the volunteer and professional arenas over the years.

This is just a sample of the feedback I’ve gotten (many of these comments can be found on my LinkedIn page).

John S.

“Karen and I have worked flawlessly together for 2 years while 3,000 miles apart … Karen is a self-starter, an excellent writer, stays focused under pressure, and throws everything she’s got into the task at hand.”

Susan C.

“I especially appreciate her capacity to take a strong stand and at the same time be calm and respectful of other points of view. She would be an asset to any organization wise enough to hire her.”

Lynn O.

demonstrates excellent analytical and writing skills; PLUS she goes the extra mile to do the background work necessary to produce a cogent, incisive piece.”

Mary B.

“Her enthusiasm is infectious. She has great writing skills and really understands how to use the internet and other cutting edge media to get out a message, inform, persuade, and influence others.”

Tom W.

“Karen’s an elemental follow [on Twitter]!”

David G.

“Having read your FB posts for a while it is clear that you have the education and the experience and the intellect and the strength and determination to successfully handle any task handed to you. … [T]he lucky one will be the prospective employer if it can land you as an employee.”

Kurt S.

“Karen brings incredible energy, commitment, and passion to our non-profit. We are a small, start-up non-profit and she was perfectly suited to the challenges and constant adjustments that come from such a venture.”

Lisa H.

“I doubt you ever met a voter you couldn’t convince!”

Don S.

“You’ve taught me that my little voice can be heard.  You’ve shown me that words do matter. Most of all you’ve given this guy new insight into the feminine strength that Hillary herself calls upon every day. You are one classy lady and I am truly honored to have been a part of your team.

You are my hero.”

A well-known Maryland political reporter put together a rundown of the 2018 primary season for Bethesda Beat. This was a year that saw nearly 300 candidates on our Montgomery County ballot. I was honored to have been listed among four fierce surrogates. Here’s what Adam had to say.

Adam Pagnucco

“Great campaign surrogates are more valuable than gold and no one is more golden than these ladies.  They’re smarter than you.  They’re tougher than you.  They will outwork you.  And they are fiercely protective of those who are lucky enough to earn their loyalty.  (My backside still aches from their boot heels!)  If these four women ever join forces behind a single candidate – watch out! – that election is as good as over.”

For the record, I have never kicked anyone with my boot heels!

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